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After a year off, the Evening League returns in 2021, but there are changes to our previous practice.  Some of these are as a consequence of Covid and they are specifically outlined later under “On the night”.      


We now have 14 events on the calendar for you to choose from, although how many events eventually go ahead depends on when Scottish Cycling and Police Scotland agree that racing can return to our roads.  We have 2 categories to race in – time trial bike and road bike; some courses will favour the former, others, perhaps, the latter.  You may pick and choose from week to week and, as before, your best 6 results in each category will count towards the overall series results.  It is possible to compete in both categories, but with 2 weeks set aside for marshalling duties this would mean competing in every event.   

Driven by safety, we are trialling several new courses this year.  Traffic continues to increase inexorably and after a number of recent incidents we will be racing a number of new courses this year.  The new course have safer start areas, there will no longer be any racing across dangerous crossroads in Echt and Torphins, dead turns have been eliminated and most courses will consist of approximate loops with only left turns.  This latter development means that some of the new courses are not exactly 10 or 25 miles , but approximations.  Don’t be downhearted if you are one of those chasing classical PBs, there will still be 4 events on the Drumoak 10 course and both the new 25 and the new Pimedden 10 course should also be accurate.  One beneficial effect of these route changes is that we will require fewer marshals than was previously the case!  


There are 14 races in the series. You may enter 7 for £10 or all 14 for £20. Entry is free to Youths and juniors.  Blocks of 7 races may be consecutive if you like, but they need not be and it is fine to space out races across the series. However, within each 7 week block, 1 week is reserved for helper / marshalling duties, leaving 6 opportunities to ride.

For insurance purposes all riders in Evening League Events must have British Cycling Race Silver Membership, the optional full race licence is not required.

Click [HERE] to view details on pricing, benefits and joining instructions.

CTC and STA members also have adequate insurance and are able to take part.

Visitors to the league with a view to joining the club may take out day membership.


    Please read these rules carefully, even if you are familiar with our normal practice.  There are a number of important changes which we have introduced to minimise close personal contact and unnecessary contact with potentially infected inanimate objectsPlease be aware that members of the local community may be nervous about the infection risk associated with such events and please behave with discretion and with consideration for members of the public at all times.


    ALL administration will move online. If this poses problems for individual members please contact the organiser directly.  In particular, there will no longer be the usual opportunity to sign on, to collect / drop off race numbers and to book future race / marshalling slots at a race HQ.  Negotiations are underway for Parking and toilet facilities.  Any developments will be posted on the Facebook site.  In the meantime, if we have not been able to make satisfactory arrangements in advance and in order to minimise friction with the local community, I think it would be best, if possible, to park some distance from the start/finish and to use the distance between them for warm up/down.  Any local parking should be prioritised for starters, recorders and time keepers who will probably not be on 2 wheels and without whom the event cannot go ahead.  A spreadsheet of marshal duties will be published on the website; you will be able to read it, to check for available duties, but you will not be able to edit it; rather, offers of help should be e mailed to helpersel@deeside .org

    We advise that you touch only your own equipment 


    You will be issued with a race number for the series.  You will be expected to look after your race number and to return it at the end of the season. Replacements will not be issued on the night; no number means no race!  When you enter for a race, please quote your name and series number and state a preference for a start time.   Whatever your start time, your number will not change from week to week.  Numbers on the start line will, therefore, be random; you will be able to check who is starting around you from the start list (see below).  Knowing your start time and turning up 5 mins before it will be vital to the smooth running of the event.  This change should not affect timing; for thatall we need is to know an individual’s start and finish time, whatever their number order.  


    You will be expected to know your start time from a published entry sheet (published on the EL section of the club website under “Start List” from Monday onwards) and to turn up at the start no more than 5 mins before that time, ready to race.  Strict social distancing will be in place.  We would ask that no more than 5 riders congregate at the start and that a distance of 2 metres be observed between them.  There will be a socially distanced starter, but there will be no “pusher off”; riders will have to get themselves underway. 


    Once underway, nose blowing and spitting are strongly discouraged.  Under normal conditions, observing the 12metre rule is important to prevent unfair advantage; it is doubly important in times of COVID.  Indeed, it is this very separation between riders which means that time trialling may return sooner than other disciplines. 


    It is no longer acceptable for a starter and a recorder to occupy a vehicle in close proximity at the finish.  We are currently considering an alternative arrangement whereby they may occupy a gazebo (technically outside?) instead.  Anyway, the appearance of the finish area will be different.  Once your race is completed, please do not congregate.  Observe 2m social distancing at all times.   


Results will be posted on the website by 07:30 on the Wednesday morning after each race. 

The league could be your opportunity to gain experience in various fields of our sport. Not only can you improve your competition but you can also train as a timekeeper. If this interests you please let us know on helpersel@deeside.org.


  1. Road safety is of paramount importance.  It is the responsibility of each individual rider to familiarise themselves with the course prior to the event and riders must obey the Highway Code at all times.  Marshals have no power to direct traffic and it is not their responsibility to direct riders.  Their role is simply to make other road users aware of the fact that a cycle event is taking place. 
  2. A red rear light is compulsory and a front white light is strongly advised. 
  3. Use of helmets is compulsory. 
  4. These events are individual time trials.  You must not ride within 12 metres of another rider, except when overtaking.  You must not take pace from another rider. 
  5. Only club members or invitees as defined below may partake (as per British/Scottish Cycling Policy).  
    A club member must have their ‘first’ club affiliation to DTCC.
    An invitee must not be a member of ANY other club. 
  6. Commitment to assist/marshal/timekeep (via helpersel@deeside.org) must be made before 1st entry.  If competing in 8 or more events; assistance at a further EL event is required. 
  7. Riders should have BC Silver Provisional Race Licence. 
  8. Numbers are generally limited to 80. 
  9. Riders start at minute intervals from 6.45pm. 
  10. Routine EL entries must be in by end of Sunday by e mail to enterel@deeside.org  Late entries will be accepted, as long as you have already entered the series and as long as there are slots available.  Anyone wishing a late entry should contact the organiser directly. 
  11. You wil be able to decide, on the night, whether to enter either the time trial bike category or the road bike category.  If you enter the latter, then the use of aero bars, disc wheels, wheels with greater than 44mm rim depth, and “pointy” aero helmets will not be permitted, although aero road helmets will be acceptable.  Results for the 2 categories will be complied separately.  All the above rules apply to riders in both categories. 
  12. Riders below the age of 16 must enter the road bike category; riders below the age of 12 are not allowed to enter the evening league. Accompanying riders:  Inexperienced Youth and/or Junior riders should be accompanied by and adult.  If uncertain, please ask a coach for advice.
  13. The cost will be £20 for the series or £10 for 7 races (no charge for Youths and Juniors), but there will be no facilities for receiving payment on the night.  All payment must be made before the riders first event.

Marshal Roles
Timekeeper 1 (starter):

The starter meets with the main timekeeper and recorder prior to the event. All 3 watches are set and started simultaneously. The starter is then responsible for:

  • Shouting riders to the start line
  • Checking name and number of the rider
  • Tick off rider on start sheet, recording any changes to name or number or out of sequence rider
  • Count down rider to their start
  • Re-grouping with main timekeeper and recorder after event to exchange information and correlate records

Recorder (at finish line):

The recorder works closely with main timekeeper at the event finish line. Once a rider crosses the line the timekeeper will stop the watch and note the time. The recorder will:

  • Also note the name of rider and time shouted out by timekeeper
  • Calculate riding time based on finish/start time in minutes and seconds
  • Work out handicap’s
  • Verify times with timekeeper

Each event riders are allocated points depending on their finishing position. Points are awarded as follows:

1st 80pts 1st h’cap 80pts
2nd 79pts 2nd h’cap 79pts
to to
80th 1pt 80th h’cap 1pt

The combined total of Fastest and Handicap Points, as above, will be each Member’s score for that event. The best six combined scores are added to give the Member’s total score.

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