Evening League Race Routes


Please note that all race HQs are suspended for the time being. 

EL routes can be found in more detail here on the following document linked below. Please see below for interactive maps and also short descriptions. Click on each map to have a look at the course in more detail!



Start on unclassified road one mile from the top of the Slug A957. Finish before joining the Slug Road.  Race HQ near the finish, please park with consideration for residents and other road users. 


Start on the B9119, just beyond the B9125 turn off and about 300m from Garlogie Hall.  Proceed west to Echt, where turn left onto the B977.  Then proceed south, taking care over a narrow bridge, to meet the B9125 at a “T” junction, where there is a filter lane.  Proceed east to finish before the B9119.  Race HQ Garlogie Hall. 


 Start 0.5mile along the unclassified road which leads from just north of Fintrayvia Kinmuck to Keithhall, where give way tturn left on the B993.  Exercise extreme care to turn left again at the bottom of a steep descent just before Inverurie Soon after, note that the road seems to carry on in a straight line, but it really turns sharp left.   Continue, giving way – at the bottom of another fast descent – to turn left onto the B977.  Again, take care here, before returning to Fintray, finishing just before the village.  Course HQ Fintray Hall 


Start A93 Muir of Drum lay-by. Proceed west on A93 to Crathes, turn left at A957 and cross over bridge and then turn left at B9077. Proceed east on B9077 until finish at field entrance 1.8 miles east of left turn to Quarry. Race HQ Drumoak Church Hall. 


Start on the B9000 just south of Pitmedden and just off the B999.  Proceed east until you reach a roundabout just short of the A90.  Go round the roundabout and retrace your route, to finish just east of the start.  Warning at 1 mile and 9 miles there is a tight  corner where the road rises and crosses the railway.  This is a particular hazard on the return leg, when the corner is blind and sharper than you think.  Please make sure that you familiarise yourself with this corner before racing round it.  Race HQ  Udny Green 


 Start on the B9119 at the entrance to Garlogie lay-by. Proceed east to Cairnie Roundabout.  Give way at the roundabout to turn left onto the B979 and at Mason Lodge give way once again to turn left onto the A944. Travel west, taking particular care at crossroads with the B979 and B9126,  to Dunecht, where left on B977 to Echt.  Give way at the crossroads to turn left onto the B9119 to finish 0.2 miles west of star.  Race HQ Garlogie Hall. 


Start on the B977, just north of Echt crossroads, and proceed to Dunecht, where give way and turn left onto the A944.  Continue to Kinnernie, turning left onto an unclassified road just beyond Craigenlow Quarry.  Continue through Midmar to give way when turning left onto the B9119.  Finish just before Echt village. Race HQ Garlogie Hall. 


Start on the B977, just north of Echt crossroads, and proceed to Dunecht, where give way and turn left onto the A944.  Continue to Millbank, where turn left onto the B993.  Take care at a narrow bridge after 2.3 miles and continue to Learney crossroads, where give way to turn left onto the B9119 to finish just before Echt village. Race HQ Garlogie Hall.  


Start on unclassified road west of Lairhillock on B979. Proceed west through Denside, taking care over a narrow bridge just before Woodland of Durris.  After Danford, take a left fork (signed) and soon after give way to join the A957 Slug road.  Proceed through Rickarton exercising caution at a sharp right hand bend shortly thereafter and soon, at Mowtie, turn left onto an unclassified road (low gear advised at this point).  Continue to meet the B979, where give way to turn left.   Continue through Netherley and  take care, once again, at another narrow bridge, to finish on the B979, just short of the start.  Race HQ,open land near start. Please park with consideration to other road users. Please note that the 2 narrow bridges mentioned above have poor visibility for approaching traffic and require particular caution. Also, there are 2 left turns onto major roads, at T junctions, where you do not have right of way; take care here also.   


Start on the B9119, just east of Echt village.  Continue to Cairnie crossroads, where give way to turn left onto the B979 and at Mason  Lodge give way once again to turn left onto the A944.  Continue, taking particular care at crossraods with the B979 and B9126, to Millbank, where turn left onto the B993.  Further care is needed  at a narrow bridge after 2.3 miles and proceed to Learney crossroads, where give way to turn left onto the B9119.  Finish just before Echt village.  Race HQ Garlogie Hall