Welcome to the Deeside Thistle Cycling Club. To give you a flavour and background to our history and pedigree, Deeside Thistle Cycling Club was established in 1948 making it one of the oldest clubs in Scotland. Today we enjoy a membership in the region of 650 or which over 340 are British Cycling members, ratified by the British Cycling Federation, making us one of the largest clubs in the United Kingdom.

Our members participate in cycling’s many forms including road racing, time trials, Sportives, mountain biking and the re-emerging cyclo-cross discipline. Whilst road competitive cycling remains a core value of our club, by far the most popular form of cycling amongst our members is cycling for pure pleasure, physical and mental well-being. In terms of youth in our sport, we presently have club members under the age of 12 whilst at the other end of the age scale we have members who are now in their 80’s. In fact some in their 70’s are still competing which goes to prove age is no barrier.

Local clubs such as Deeside Thistle are well placed to offer the local community the chance to get involved and improve their fitness be that purely leisure or towards personal achievement in competitive cycling. In addition to taking part in competition, the opportunity to enhance and develop added skills by way of event organisation, timekeeping, marshalling which are all vital parts to participation is also encouraged by and made available to new members, where full training and guidance is provided. With the current club’s sponsorship arrangement, Deeside Thistle is also very proud to be associated with our sponsors, McIntosh Plant Hire and Tierney Strachan all who see Deeside Thistle a worthy medium to market their names alongside.

Latest news
Position Statement from the Deeside Thistle Cycling Club on coronavirus pandemic mitigation
In line with Scottish Cycling Guidance, all Deeside Thistle Cycling Club activities, formal, informal, social and competitive are cancelled with immediate effect and until further notice.
This includes Races, Reliability Trials, Club Runs, Youth Groups and Meetings.We encourage our members to continue cycling but please follow the guidance in relation to hand washing, avoiding social contact and large gatherings.
The protection of our members and vulnerable people are our first concern. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Club.The full statement issued by Scottish Cycling is here:
Scottish Cycling – Covid-19
A similar statement from Cycling UK is here:
Cycling UK – Covid-19
DTCC Finance and Management Committee
Released: 18 March 2029
McIntosh Tierney Strachan