Leili Clarke Trophy

Evening League Veteran’s Standard Competition (Leili Clarke Trophy)

The Veterans’ Standard Competition runs in parallel with the main Evening League Competition. The purpose is to allow Veterans (over 40yrs) to maintain an interest in competing despite their increasing years.

Standard times are calculated for each League event except the Hill Climb for each Veteran rider’s age based on the VTTA Standard Times for 10 and 15 miles (www.vtta.org.uk/standards).

Actual times are deducted from Standard times to give a plus or minus time and riders are ranked downwards from 50 points for the highest plus. Total points for the best six events count towards the Leili Clarke Trophy for the highest point’s total.

Category awards are also made for 70+, 60+, 50+, 40+ and Ladies categories.



The Leili Clarke Trophy was established by the late Nobby Clarke in memory of Leili, his wife. Nobby was a stalwart of the Club for many years and a long serving time-keeper with Leili as his recorder.



(1) Competing veterans are ranked in descending order of Standard Time minus Actual Time at each Evening League event, excluding only the Hill Climb.

(2) Points are awarded in descending order from 50 points.

(3) The competition is based on the points total gained by each competing veteran from their best six Evening League events.

(4) The Leilie Clarke Trophy is awarded to the competing veteran with the highest points total.

(5) A Ladies award is made to the lady veteran with the highest points total.

(6) Additional Category awards are made to the veteran with the highest points total in each Age Category 40-49, 50-59, 60-69 and 70+.

(7) A competitor’s Age Standards will be determined by the VTTA tables according to their date of birth and should that fall within the League season their Standard times will be increased accordingly on their birthday.

(8) A competitor’s Age Category will be determined solely by their age on the day of the first Evening League event and this rule will apply to any competitor who’s actual age may cross a Category boundary later in the season.*

(*The reasoning behind 8 is to let vets at the upper end of a category keep the Age Standard advantage they have over younger vets in the category. There won’t be many and it is only once every ten years per vet.)