Evening League Registration

To enter the series of 13 events costs £20 per person, or £4 per event. Fees can be paid by cash or cheque on the night at sign on.

For insurance purposes all riders in Evening League Events must have British Cycling Race Silver Membership, the optional full race licence is not required.

Click [HERE] to view details on pricing, benefits and joining instructions.

CTC and STA members also have adequate insurance and are able to take part.

Visitors to the league with a view to joining the club may take out day membership.

  • report to race HQ at least 30 minutes before your start time
  • register and pay
  • get your number pinned on
  • allow 10-15 minutes to cycle to the start and warm up.

Parking can be limited please be considerate and don’t block others in. If you are parking on the street please respect residence drive ways.

Use of rear red light (flashing or static) is required as some of the roads used can be very busy with commuter traffic.

Remember to return your race number once you have finished.

Results will be posted on the website by 07:30 on the Wednesday morning after each race. 

The league could be your opportunity to gain experience in various fields of our sport. Not only can you improve your competition but you can also train as a timekeeper. If this interests you please let Kevin know on helpersel@deeside.org.

Each event riders are allocated points depending on their finishing position. Points are awarded as follows:

1st 80pts 1st h’cap 80pts
2nd 79pts 2nd h’cap 79pts
to to
80th 1pt 80th h’cap 1pt

The combined total of Fastest and Handicap Points, as above, will be each Member’s score for that event. The best six combined scores are added to give the Member’s total score.

Marshal Roles
Timekeeper 1 (starter):

The starter meets with the main timekeeper and recorder prior to the event. All 3 watches are set and started simultaneously. The starter is then responsible for:

  • Shouting riders to the start line
  • Checking name and number of the rider
  • Tick off rider on start sheet, recording any changes to name or number or out of sequence rider
  • Count down rider to their start
  • Re-grouping with main timekeeper and recorder after event to exchange information and correlate records

Recorder (at finish line):

The recorder works closely with main timekeeper at the event finish line. Once a rider crosses the line the timekeeper will stop the watch and note the time. The recorder will:

  • Also note the name of rider and time shouted out by timekeeper
  • Calculate riding time based on finish/start time in minutes and seconds
  • Work out handicap’s
  • Verify times with timekeeper