Initial results files will be updated the night of each event, with the final process results available within the following days.

:: Event 13

So the observant amongst you might have realised the results recited by Simon on the night were a bit suspect.
By about result #5 I realised I’d used the 10ml course handicaps; not adjusted for the 5ml.
Obviously I must have being undergoing some sort of trauma at the realisation it was the last event and I had a huge void to fill in my life next Tuesday (yeah)!
So apologies for that; nevertheless no changes to the overall standings.
And what a fine night twas too.
Thanks to you all for making the EL what it is – a team effort.

Fastest on the night (did anyone check Mr Cheney’s wheels were compliant with the rules?):
1. Cheney, Mike 00:10:50
2. Scott, Neil 00:11:01
3. Hall, Jody 00:11:40

Overall points:
1. Cheney, Mike 947
2. Hall, Jody 936
3. Ramsay, Andrew 914

Well done Mr C! On to bigger things I hear but flying the Deeside flag for some time to come I hope!

1. Smith, Emma 783
2. Middleditch, Emily 740
3. Laing, Jackie 727

Wininers of the Novice event (corrected):
1. Dawson, David 00:24:57
2. Moran, Marc 00:25:09
3. Ferguson, Andy 00:25:58

1. Liversidge, Lauren 557
2. Steven, Rory 3 447
3. Chalmers, George 80

1. Chalmers, Alfie 592
2. Stromberg, Cameron 6 553
3. Ramsay, Hugh 464

Now, where did I put my bike….

:: Vet Results

Well, that’s it for the Season. Mike won the event again, and is outright winner of the Leili Clarke Trophy on 299 points and is the best 40+. Greg was second in the event, third on the table and best 50+, Jody was third on the event and is second on the table. Jackie was a splendid fourth in the event, is First Lady and ninth on the table. Bob is the best 60+ and sixth on the Table and Stewart is the best 70+ and seventh on the table. Other notably good rides on the night came from Ray 5th and John 6th and best 70+ by a mile! Didn’t see if he was on his fixed bike. Probably was.

Mike will take away the Leili Clarke Trophy from the Christmas Lunch and all of the above will take away Glass Category Awards to keep.

Sadly the rest of the Top Ten, Jody, Andrew, Malcolm, Ian and Kelvin get nothing but a warm glow of pride from an excellent hotly contested season. Kelvin deserves a special cheer for making Tenth place with only five events.

See you next season, and we’ll all have more standard seconds to play with.

Any corrections please let me know as soon as possible at


:: Results

Event Date Results Vet Results
1 May 02 [HERE] [HERE]
2 May 09 [HERE] [HERE]
3 May 16 [HERE] [HERE]
4 May 23 [HERE] [HERE]
5 May 30 [HERE] [HERE]
6 Jun 06 Cancelled Cancelled
9 Jul 04 [HERE] [HERE]
10 Jul 18 [HERE]
11 Jul 25 [HERE] [HERE]
12 Aug 01 [HERE] [HERE]
13 Aug 08 [HERE] [HERE]