Initial results files will be updated on the night of each event, with the final process results available within the following days. The links below will become active once the results have been uploaded. Further Information can also be found on the Evening League Facebook page.

DTCC Evening League Facebook Page

:: 2019

The site is preparing for the 2019 Season.  Each Week there will be weekly sumary after each event where possible.

Please note the links below will become live after each event. They are pre-populated here for the 2019 season.


Event Date Results Vet Results
1 Apr 30 [HERE] [HERE]
2 May 07 [HERE] [HERE]
3 May 14 [HERE] [HERE]
4 May 21 [HERE] [HERE]
5 May 28 [HERE] [HERE]
6 Jun 04 [HERE] [HERE]
7 Jun 11 [HERE] [HERE]
8 Jun 25 [HERE] [HERE]
9 Jul 02 [HERE] [HERE]
10 Jul 16 [HERE]
11 Jul 23 [HERE] [HERE]
12 Jul 30 [HERE] [HERE]
13 Aug 06 [HERE] [HERE]