Initial results files will be updated the night of each event, with the final process results available within the following days.

:: Event 4

Final results processed.

:: Vet Results

What a difference a difference from Event 03 last week when 47 of 50 competing bettered their standards on a mild evening on the Drumoak horseshoe course. I guess 4 miles into a headwind was more than cancelled by 6 miles with a tailwind but still, a great night for the Vets.

Last night, Event 04, was probably a fast night with enough rain to convince me not to start though 32 of you put me to shame (“Chapeau”).
Only 12 of you made your Standards but of course the reason is obvious – the Course. Climbing for nearly 2miles after the 10 turn makes nonsense of the actual plus/minus values for a 15 mile TT. Just look at your standard as relative to everyone else. Once your Place is converted into points the actual Std +/- shouldn’t matter.

On Place and Points we are beginning to see the same names appearing at the top of the table. The best of Category, 40+ to 70+ are all in the top 10 on the night and in the Table and Jackie is certainly capable of pushing in to to top group as best Lady. (Maybe Jill can give her a push.) Of course positions in the cumulative table will move around as people add events and then again when individuals reach 6 events and start discarding their lowest points.

Keep watching – it gets exciting!


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