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:: 2018

Event 7 Summary

A good turnout last night – its a popular course indeed. And it was great the course could be negotiated after all thanks to the surprise traffic lights.  Fastest on the night was Andrew Ennis, followed by Ron Lowe then Dominic Cordiner.  Highest handicap scores went to Cameron Stromberg – Well done!  Another lost and found to add – a black Wood Group Berghaus Jacket I think from Event 01 – let me know.

Event 7 Vet Summary

A cold evening with a lot of disruption starting with the parking, a long delay while Steve and his team tried to salvage the event and eventually a delayed start on a shortened course. Well done them for saving the evening which proved to be surprisingly hard, for me at least, into a moderate Easterly along the SDR.

My Garmin says I rode 8.7 miles so I have set the standards for that distance thanks to the VTTA calculator table which surprised me by taking the decimal.
Fastest time of the night was Andrew Ennis which took him to 2nd place on Standard behind Ron Lowe in 1st by 7 Stan secs and ahead of Mike Cheney in 3rd. Ron was the best 50+, Andrew took the 40+, Ian Sinclair had his first time as 60+ and it was good to see John Ramsay managing a second appearance to take the 70+. (Bert beat me by 3 secs on race time so fortunately I’m older than him so better on Standard. John is nearly as old as me so sadly I think I’m doomed to be the oldest and slowest 70+, of the five who raced last night. I’ll just have to hang on till I’m 80 when I can be second slowest to Stewart till John catches up.)
On the Table Gavin Thomas is the first vet to finish 7 events so he gets to lose his lowest score, now marked “25, which you can see in Place 9. Should be a prize for that. There will be quite a few lowest points discounted at the next event with eight vets now with 6 Events. Ron is still the Leader with Stewart in 2nd, Ian in 3rd and an event behind in 4th just ahead of Andrew 5th also on 5 events. Jill is keeping up an excellent attendance record between commutes to the Middle East with 5 events as Leading Lady.
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