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The Drumoak horseshoe course was surprising difficult on Tuesday compared with Event 03 a month ago. You might have expected it to be faster. It was warmer, the wind was lighter and there was light rain all evening. The problem, I think, was that there was enough of South in the South Westerly wind to make things difficult on the longer leg from Crathes. Of the 31 vets who completed both events 25 of us went slower than we did a month ago. Ah well!
Didn’t stop there being some excellent times though. Jody (1st & 40+) was fastest both on time and Standard with Greg (50+), Malcolm and Andrew tightly grouped behind him followed on Standard by Bob (60+), Ian and Stewart (70+). Jackie was the fastest lady with a very respectable +1:54 and Marion, the only other lady to brave the rain also beat her standard.
With some vets now on 6 Events the Leili Clarke Table is showing familiar names in the top 10 though still fluid with fast men like Mike and Jody with only 4 events so far. Next event those already on 6 will be discarding their lowest points.
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