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:: 2018

Event 13 Summary

What can I say – the end of yet another EL season feels like it has come around even sooner this year. A thanks maybe to the great weather this year – no rain cancelled events, and if I recall correctly not even wet tarmac (possibly the hill climb) but how exceptional is that? The 5ml course presents just a brief workout especially the last half mile to Sunhoney farm on that false flat and a headwind thrown in – at least I thought so… Results were – to say the least – very interesting tonight. Our two top contenders were inseparable quite literally. They certainly caused me some stress trying to confirm overall scores for our final night. Anyways I’m not going to go into detail; save to say I think our winners are very worthy of the conclusion. There are a few open events left this year though, including the Classified 10 this weekend so if you need more TT fix – there are opportunities. Thanks to all supporting the EL this year; its gone smoothly indeed under Steve’s direction so lets all look forward to next year. A personal thanks to him for taking the helm allowing me to actually participate this year finally. So with much sadness and relief in the concluding event, signing out with the final results (barring any contentions!). See you all next year. Now get training – only 8 months to go!


Event 13 Summary – Vet
The standards for the evening do say it all. Only the two fastest men Andrew and Greg managed to beat their age standards into that unforgiving SW headwind. Well done guys!

We had eight riders appearing for the first time this season in the Vets’ competition which mopped up quite a few of the points from the low number of regulars. Some are old faces like Ray, third on Standard, Kenny the best 60+ and Andy. Some are new to the Vets, including David the oldest rider and newest Time Keeper and I hope all of you will do a full season with the Vets next year. I’d especially like to see Jackie Fraser again adding serious competition to Margaret in the Lady Vets. Of the regulars Margaret Anderson in 4th place made sure of the First Lady’s’ plaque and 60+ and an outstanding ride by Graham Reid in 8th place makes him the best 70+ by a big margin. Get a TT bike Graham!
As the final Table shows, the Leili Clarke Trophy and the 40+ category go to Mike Cheney on 298 by 1 point from Andrew Ennis and Ron Lowe who tie for 2nd place on 297 with the 50+ category belonging to Ron. Steve Walton in 6th place takes the 60+ category despite of rarely getting a decent warm up after getting the Event admin underway. Thanks Steve from all of us. Stewart Mitchell is unsurprisingly the winner of the 70+ category and Margaret Anderson is the 1st Lady and 60+ winner with Jill Prabuckie putting in a full season as the best 50+ Lady.
That wraps things up till next year……..I hope, but if you spot any mistakes please let me know as soon as possible and I’ll try to get it right before the Trophy and the Category plaques are engraved for the Christmas Lunch presentations.
Thanks to all of you for taking part and making a great competition in which the best riders get to the top regardless of age. Hope to see all of you next year when we’ll all have more seconds on our Age Standards. (Not that it gets any easier!)



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